Reviews – FAQ

How do I contact you to review a book?

If you are an author, publisher or publicist who would like me to review a book, please contact me at:

I will do my best to reply to all requests and will let you know when the review is live.

I do reserve the right to decline a request if I do not feel it is appropriate for this blog or if it is not something I would be interested in, but will let you know if this is the case.


What do I need to include in the review request?

In the request for review, please include the following:

  • A brief summary of the book
  • The release date of the book
  • A time frame for review (please allow at least 4 weeks from me receiving the copy so I can give the book the attention it deserves)
  • Format of the book you will be sending me
  • Anywhere you would like me to post the review (e.g. Amazon)
  • Any other information you think relevant


What do you include in your reviews?

My reviews all follow a similar structure, which you can see from reading the reviews on this blog. I will include an image of the book’s cover, general information about the book (genre, publisher etc.) a summary of the book and my thoughts on the book.

All books are rated out of 5 stars and links to the goodreads page and Book Depository page are also provided.


What genres of books do you review?

I am happy to review books in a variety of genres. While I mostly review Young Adult or Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels, I would be interested in branching out and reviewing a wider variety of genres.

The only genres I will not review are non-fiction, romance or erotica.


Which format of books do you prefer?

I will accept books in either ebook (mobi preferred) or, circumstances depending, as a physical copy.

For the moment, I will only be accepting physical copies from publishers. If you are an independent author and would like to send me a physical copy, feel free to ask me about it but please keep in mind that I may ask for a ebook instead. This is nothing personal, I just want to be careful who I give addresses out to. This policy may change in future, but for now just be aware that I may request an ebook instead.

I will also only be accepting ARCs and finished books as I want to ensure that what I review is as close to the copy readers will be getting as possible.


When do you post your reviews?

I aim to review books at least once a week, normally on a Monday, however will review later in the week if the book proves particularly long or circumstances get in the way of me being able to post on time. My reviews are normally scheduled to go live between 11am and 1pm GMT. If you would like the review to go up on a specific day or time of day, please let me know in the review request.


Will you do a video review?

I do have a YouTube channel and will consider filming a video review for the book. Normally, I prefer to film reviews with physical books as I find they make for a more interesting visual experience, but will film a review for an ebook if I feel that I have a lot to say about it, or if it fits with a certain theme.

I will also be willing to provide a video for a book campaign or promotion, but will only take part in those which I feel are appropriate for the channel and for books I am comfortable supporting.

I aim to post videos 1-4 times a month as my time is fairly limited for filming end editing videos. My channel is secondary to my blog and so I would ask you to be aware that I may have to decline video requests if I have a backlog or do not feel like I have the time to give the book its due.


Those are it for the FAQs, if you have any further questions please don’t be afraid to contact me at: