Top 3 Anticipated Reads -Q2 2017

We are fast approaching the end of March and I would have to say that I’ve done pretty well on my book-buying ban in the last few months. Aside from what I’ve received in FairyLoot boxes, I’ve managed to stick to buying only one book a month (although, to be fair, that’s not really helped with my massive to read pile).

Today, I’m going to look ahead at the months to come, and what books there are on offer. In keeping with the one book per month theme, and to stop this post being rather long, I’ve selected one book released per month.


4th April 2017: Red Sister by Mark Lawrence

  • I have only read one book by Mark Lawrence, but that book was enough to make me thoroughly excited about the release of Red Sister, the first book in his new series Book of the Ancestor. Set in a different world to his previous trilogies, Red Sister follows a female lead with a violent past who is brought to a convent to be trained as an assassin. It sounds thrilling and one I am very excited to read.
  • Goodreads:


16th May 2017: Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh

  • I have heard nothing but praise for Renee Ahdieh’s books, despite not having yet read one. That praise alone has me highly anticipating the release of her next book Flame in the Mist. Set in Japan, it is about the daughter of a Samurai who, on her way to an arranged marriage, gets caught up in an assassination attempt. Mariko decides to take things into her own hands and infiltrates the clan that had set out to kill her. Everything about this plot calls to me and, if the hype is anything to go by, it will be an amazing read.
  • Goodreads:


13th June 2017: Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab

  • As this is the sequel to This Savage Song, there is not really much I can say with regards to plot without spoiling the first book. That being said, my anticipation for this book stems from my high regard of anything Victoria Schwab writes. I have yet to read a book of hers that I have not enjoyed, and so I have very little doubt that this book with survive the ‘curse of the second book’ and be brilliant in its own right.
  • Goodreads:

So, those are my three anticipated reads for quarter two of 2017. What are your anticipated reads for the months ahead?


One thought on “Top 3 Anticipated Reads -Q2 2017

  1. Everyone is talking about Flame in the Mist at the moment and I am so sad I didn’t have it on my radar until recently. Also, did not realise the sequel to This Savage Song was coming out so soon. I better hop to it! Great post 🙂

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