Rosie Reviews: Into Coraira by Jaime Lee Mann


Title: Into Coraira

Author: Jaime Lee Mann

Publisher: Blue Moon Publishers

Genre: Children’s Fantasy

Source: NetGalley ebook



Into Coraira is the second book in the Legend of Rhyme series by Jaime Lee Mann. As such, this review will contain mild spoilers for the first book – you can find my review for the first book, Elora of Stone, here.

This book starts off almost exactly where the previous one ended, albeit with a few threads left hanging. It sees a new, even more dastardly enemy appear and explores more of the magic and world that Mann has created. It’s a brilliant read for children, and part of a series that seems to grow more and more intriguing with each adventure.


While Elora of Stone took place over a long period of time, Into Coraira occurs over only a matter of days. This causes the novel to feel a lot more fast-paced, although the timing does get a little confusing at times where things feel like they should take a lot longer than they do. There are a number of different story-lines, which helps bulk out the novel and lets other characters get a bit more of the limelight. I did enjoy Wink and Fidget’s quest in this novel as, while it didn’t have much baring on the overall plot, it did affect certain major characters and let us know a bit more about the two characters.

The main story-line, however, was particularly interesting. While not much happened in term of conflict until the end of the novel, the buildup saw a lot of development and a few minor characters got to step into the foreground. No to mention, the lack of conflict in the earlier parts of this story-line is balanced out by adventure and discovery in the others.


As mentioned previously, we get to see a lot more of previously unseen, or background, characters, which is something which I really enjoyed and that really helped develop this world for me. While the twins in this novel are at the centre of everything, this book does continue the previous book’s trend of not having any one main character. Each character feels like an integral part of the plot. I do enjoy the fairies of the novel, more so now that Into Coraira explains their backstory; even without that, they are fun and lovable characters, and I can see many a child playing with fairy watchers of their own.


As well as expanding on characters, we get to see a lot more of the world in this novel, specifically Coraira, which is the realm of magic, and so sealed off from the human realm. While I was slightly confused at how magic existed in the human realm if the magic one was sealed off, I thought the whole concept was fascinating and it certainly allowed for plenty more story-lines in the future.

The magic of this world is also explored a bit more, with the concepts of Ancients and magical gifts being introduced as well as the powers of the grimoires being explored more. I also found it quite interesting the importance of pairs in this series. Most obviously with the twins and their combined power, there a number of other instances where pairs occur – the fairies noticeably are seen in twos, in both this book and the previous one the villain is one half of a pair only to be defeated by the other half. I would be quite interested to see if this is just a minor coincidence or if it’s a theme which will be explored more.

Final thoughts

Into Coraira is a delightful sequel to Elora of Stone. While the first book captivated me slightly more than this one, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to learn more of the world and the people in it. It is a lot of fun, easy to read, yet with a lot of depth behind the pages. It is also left on quite a bit of a cliffhanger that had me staring at my kindle in shock and excitement.

Rating: 3.5/5


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