I read a lot. But how?

Most months, I read more than 10 books. Indeed, in the summer months I managed to read up to 14 (still not entirely sure how I managed that). This month, I’m struggling. I’ve read 7 books, which is still pretty good, but it has good me wondering how I managed to read so many before. These are the few reasons I’ve found to explain how.

I tend to read at least three books at a time.

I have three different formats through which I read books – physical books, ebooks and audiobooks.. The format I read at any one time depends mostly on what I’m doing – I read ebooks while I’m travelling, physical books when I’m relaxing and audiobooks when I’m busy. It keeps things interesting and lets me tackle more than one book at a time.

I aim to read at least 100 pages a day.

This is more a guideline than any set rule and applies more to physical books than any other kind, which are near impossible to judge. I generally have this rule as it means that I have to get away from my computer, work or tv and let myself switch off. I only really have time to read for about half an hour at any one time when I’m busy, and my reading rate often means I can read around 50 pages in that time (or 25 if the writing is miniscule). 100 pages a day also means I can read two average books a week, which brings me to my next point.

I aim to read at least one book a week.

While the 100 pages a day gives me the opportunity to read 2-ish books a week, the reality is, I don’t often have the time to switch off, it doesn’t really apply to longer books and it’s impossible to judge for the other formats I read with. One book a week is a more achievable goal and can apply to anything. The main reason for this is that I review books once a week and so it stems more out of necessity than anything else. Starting and finishing other books in a week is just a bonus.

I know what I like in a book.

I can often tell which types of book I will likely enjoy, and which ones I will struggle to get to. I will always investigate a review book before requesting it for review to make sure it’s a genre and story I am genuinely interested in. I very rarely cover buy books as well. The books I tend to not enjoyed, the ones which take me the longest to read, are those which I read because I feel I ought to such as books I had to read for school, certain classics that I’m not especially interested in or books that have been short-listed and/or won a prize. The ones I whizz through, which I enjoy, are the ones I read simply because I want to and they’re stories I have a strong feeling I’ll enjoy. They’re also the ones I tend to read more of.

So those are the four ways I’ve thought of that can explain the higher number of books I read each month. I know I haven’t been reading as much as I would have liked this month, but I am hoping that will change come November.



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