Rosie Reviews: Iron Cast by Destiny Soria


Title: Iron Cast

Author: Destiny Soria

Publisher: ABRAMS Kids

Genre: Fantasy, Historical Fiction

Source: NetGalley Ebook



Iron Cast is a book which ticks all of the boxes. Set in the United States, in the time leading up to prohibition, this book follows con-artists and hemopaths Ada and Corinne as a heist gone-wrong leads them down a rabbit-hole of conspiracy and betrayal.

This book a brilliant. It reads like a dream with an incredible magic system and characters which could step right out of the page.


The main plot of this book is exactly what the description says, but there is a lot more to it than what is on the back. With prohibition on the horizon, and hemopaths shows now illegal, the Cast Iron club is on the threat of closure, the owner disappears and everything goes topsy turvy. There are twists and turns throughout and, while it does take a while to get going, the ending really pays off.


Ada and Corinne were brilliant. Both were incredibly different characters, but their friendship was a delight to read. They played off one another wonderfully and their relationships with the other characters felt incredibly real. Indeed, the rest of the characters were all a delight to read. Each could have been a real person and while there were a few minor characters who did not come across as fully-formed as the others, the cast was rich, diverse and worked very well together.


There is something about combining the 1920s with a touch of magic which just works. In Iron Cast the prohibition laws are a threat looming overhead, threatening to close the club that Ada and Corinne call home. The magic in the book is the main star of the story, however. Hemopaths are people whose blood gives them powers which stem from various creative pursuits, be it altering emotions through music or casting illusions through the spoken word. It captured my attention in a heartbeat and I loved reading about all the different ways people used their gifts.

Final thoughts

Aside from all the magic, the heists, the betrayal and the romantic side-lines, this book was primarily a book about friendship. The relationship between Ada and Corinne was centre-stage and was something I thoroughly enjoyed reading, but their friendships with others was also great to read. This was a fun, adventurous story that I read in no time. If you enjoyed The Diviners by Libba Bray or Truthwitch by Susan Dennard, then you will enjoy Iron Cast.

Iron Cast will be published on the 11th October 2016.

Rating: 4/5


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