Rosie Reviews: Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige


Title: Stealing Snow

Author: Danielle Paige

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Genre: Fantasy

Source: NetGalley Ebook



From the first page of this book, I knew I was in for a treat. The writing was brought the story to life and Snow was a fascinating lead to read about, from her time in the asylum to her escape in a land unlike anything she’s ever known.

Stealing Snow is a book about power, family and friends. It follows Snow, a girl brought up to believe she’s crazy, as she is torn from the asylum that has become her home into a land completely smothered by her namesake. She’s introduced to a whole cast of characters, never quite sure who to trust or believe, as she searches desperately for the boy she loves and constantly fights her destiny as the saviour or destroyer of the world.


The plot of this book was quite intense. There were a number of twists and turns as you follow Snow on her mission to rescue Bale, and there are times where the book shifts, almost seamlessly, with other genres. One minute a fairy-tale, another a love story and then, a heist. This made it quite thrilling to read, as you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get in the next section of the book.


I quite like Snow as a lead character. While there were parts of her characterisation which annoyed me, I thought she was quite realistic, especially for someone caught up in her situation, and was rather enjoyable to read about. What I did not like was the fact that every make character around her age that she met fell in love with her, and she reciprocated those feelings (kind of). It is one of my biggest irks in fiction, alongside insta-love, and it really reduced my enjoyment of this book.

That being said, the suitors were all interesting to read about. None of them were perfect and each were, very, very different. I think Bale probably intrigued me the most as you never fully get his story. The other characters we meet are also all rather intriguing. Only two felt especially forced and those were Temperly and Ora. Otherwise each character felt right and suited the role they had been cast, especially as you never know quite who to trust.


Everything about the world this book I set in is remarkable. The way the magic works, varying in size, power and uses, was a really interesting concept and one which allowed for a whole range of magical exploration throughout the book. The descriptions of the land and the buildings in it really captured the fairy-tale wonderland that this book is set in and so it pulls you in through the pages to join Snow on her adventures.

Final thoughts

This book is definitely one that needs to be read. A Snow White re-telling, but only just, it really brings life to an erstwhile fairy-tale wonderland that is now on the brink of destruction. I really enjoyed the various references throughout the book and while the ones to the modern-day fell flat (twilight, I’m looking at you), it really helped to breathe life into the story.

Rating: 4/5


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