A Year of Unfortunate Events: Update 3

It’s that time of year again, a new three months passed and three more books from A Series of Unfortunate Events read. My Year of Unfortunate Events is going pretty well and I am quite enjoying reliving the series of books which have taken up a rather large amount of bookcase space for most of my life. Here are my thoughts on books 7 to 9.

The Vile Village – 4/5 stars

Read in a day, this was quick, easy and thoroughly enjoyable. The story certainly picks up in this book, not least because there is not just Count Olaf to contend with, but Esme as well. While Olaf’s troupe are more background characters, Esme gets a bit more of a role in Olaf’s plans so there is much more for the children to be wary of. The two of them certainly make for quite a pair of villains, especially given that they are quite ridiculous in nature. I like how hints of the mystery are dropped in this book and it resolves one or two others that have been previous threads in the series. The sliver of hope and cliff-hanger ending added to the fun of the book as well.

The Hostile Hospital – 4.5/5 stars

This is the point where the series really picks up. The stakes are higher than before, the Baudelaire’s take things into their own hands and the mystery of VFD starts to come together. It starts pretty much exactly where the last book ended but this time the Baudelaire’s are without guardians, without a home but with a price on their heads. I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed this one. I think the change in circumstances for the children and their having to rely more on their own abilities made for a more entertaining read.

The Carnivorous Carnival – 4.5/5

After the last book, my expectations were high but this book certainly delivered. While it was one of the few that I did not read in a day, that was more to life circumstances than the book itself. The Carnivorous Carnival is nothing quite like the other books so far, in this things are definitely turned on their heads as the Baudelaire’s end up being the ones in discussed to spy on Olaf. We are also treated to more on the mythology of this world, especially where the mysterious V.F.D is concerned. The Baudelaire’s also come into their own a bit more and, as a result, become a lot more three-dimensional – Sunny is a big benefactor of this development. While previous books have ended on cliff-hangers, the cliff-hanger ending to this should be taken somewhat literally and it was one that made me want to read the next book almost immediately. That, however, shall have to wait until October.

Things are certainly picking up in the Baudelaire’s story and the last three months have been pretty good where the story is concerned. We are being given a lot more clues as to where the story is headed and the conflict with Olaf is become a bit more two-sided. I am very excited to read the tenth book and, come Christmas, finally complete the 13-book strong series.

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