Writing Update – Camp Nanowrimo Week 1

We’re halfway through the first week of July and with it comes my first writing update of Camp Nanowrimo. This month, I am editing one of my completed novels with the intention of sending it out from the beginning of August.

The Unnaturals, as my novel is called, is made up of 6 sections, each with around 7 chapters. As of today, I have finished editing the first of these sections – narrated by Annaliese, it launches the novel and introduces some of the major players.

Editing it was quite a fun experience. As I have gone through a number of periods where I’ve tried editing this book before life got in the way, Part 1 was probably the most polished going in, so I have a feeling that the road ahead will only get more difficult. It did mean, however, that I now have a bit more a confidence boost in the work and I have been re-acquainted to the world without being bogged down in the details.

Most of what I have been focusing on is flow and sentence structure. Previous edits had helped smooth over the story-line so this was a bit more in the nitty-gritty zone. There were a number of clunky paragraphs so these have hopefully been smoothed over. I have also made a number of decisions on things, such as names, which previously I kept changing my mind over so the consistency was a bit off.

All in all, I am certainly feeling like I am making progress and am looking forward to the next section which will be narrated by my other main character – Fayna. That will be me mostly editing the same things as above, but also knuckling down on her voice and character. I will also, hopefully, be making a start on the third part, which will be back to Annaliese’ narration. But more on that in next week’s writing update.

Words Edited: 8,658


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