Rosie Reads: Truthwitch by Susan Dennard


Title: Truthwitch

Author: Susan Dennard

Publisher: Tor

Genre: Fantasy

Source: ARC copy from Goodreads First Reads



Truthwitch is a brilliant book.

I went into Truthwitch knowing not very much at all. I had seen it mentioned online a couple of times and it seemed interesting so, when I saw it listed as Goodreads giveaway, I jumped at the chance. To find I had won was very exciting indeed.

While it took a little bit of warming to, once I latched onto the magic system and got to know the characters I found myself completely enthralled with the book. I found myself struggling to put it down and, once I had succeeded in that, being desperate to pick it back up again.


Truthwitch takes place towards the end of a Twenty Year Truce between warring nations. Renegotiations have started to take place but war seems inevitable. Enter Thread-sisters Safi and Iseult – two girls who only want to find a flat together and live life as they want to. Instead, they find themselves on the run, caught up events larger than they could think possible and only just discovering the extent of their powers.

This plot kept me hooked; there were so many twists and turns that it was difficult to find a place to put the book down. What I particularly loved was how, while Iseult and Safi were on the same adventure, each had journeys and sub-plots of their own. I thought the pacing was really well done and the writing was on point throughout.


While the plot was fantastic, it was the characters that really made this book. Each point of view character grew as the novel progressed. They felt alive in your head and their individual stories suited their characterisation perfectly while still adding to the over-arching plot.

Iseult was my favourite of the three. I related to her the most and I found her plot the most intriguing. That being said, it is very close between each of the characters. Safi was incredibly enjoyable to read and, while I did found one thread of her plot to be quite predictable, I found it difficult to guess any of the others.


In Truthwitch Susan Dennard has managed to make a world that is intriguing and yet feels real throughout the novel. There is politics, pirates, tribes and, of course, magic. At times, I found the world to be reminiscent of Westeros from Game of Thrones. The political system is not fully delved into but we see enough to be able to understand Safi’s situation and feel the threat that follows her.

The magic system in this book was fantastic and the intertwining of the magic with the mythology of the Origin Wells leaves me curious for more. There are a different types of Witch, each with powers over a certain source such as Water, Air and Blood. Safi is a rare Truthwitch, able to tell truth from lie, while Iseult can see the Threads (connections) between people and read their emotions. I particularly loved the description of her powers and there is certainly more to discover about both Iseult’s powers and the magic system of this world.

Final thoughts

Truthwitch is a magnificent book. Its magic draws you in, keeping you engaged in Safi and Iseult’s adventures and desperate to join them. From empresses to pirates, romance to vicious sea beasts, this book as everything you could possible want in a fantasy novel (except maybe dragons). I would definitely recommend adding it the top of your to read list in 2016. The sequel cannot come soon enough.

Truthwitch is released on 5th January (US) and 14th January (UK) 2016

Rating: 5/5


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