Nanowrimo 2015

November is fast approaching and with it, Nanowrimo.

For those who don’t know, Nanowrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month. It is a website, charity and community based around the simple (or not so simple) idea of writing a novel in a month. As it stands, this novel is about 50,000 words, but you can change your goal to be however many words you want to aim for. You don’t even have to write a novel – plays, poetry, rebelling in any way is allowed. The only goal is to try and write every day for a month. The sheer sense of achievement at the end is enough reward in itself.

I, in the many years of trying to take part, have only managed to win Nanowrimo once and its summer counterpart Camp Nanowrimo, twice. Something always seems to get in the way.

This month is going to be different.

This month, I am joining the rebel forces.

This month is going to be all about the editing.

I have two novels, both completed to the point where there is a ‘The End’ at the end. Unfortunately, neither of the two is at a point where they can be read by another human being. They both need a lot of work.

So, this November, my goal is to edit 50,000 words. I will be working on both books, as they’re in different stages of editing and it will keep things interesting working on the two of them. Unfortunately, this month will be even more of a challenge as I am now working 9 to 5 and so have less time than previous years for working on my books.

The two novels in question are:

The Unnaturals: One year after Annaliese wakes up in the clutches of the Moon Fellows, with no memories of her time in the Sun, she manages to break out of the fortress-like Temple Palace. With her best friend stuck on the inside, she must rely on the help of those raised to hate her people to rescue her friend and, with luck, bring down the Moon Fellows’ tyrant leader.

The Spirits of Old: The unbeatable Shadow Army has overrun much of the middle continent and shows no signs of stopping. Forced away from her home, Lila heads East to a land of peace. On the way she discovers her role in an ancient prophecy and must learn to harness the magic inside of herself as the Shadow army draws ever nearer.

I am really looking forward to getting back in to these two worlds and bringing them closer to completion. As the month goes by, I will be writing blog posts about my progress and will try to keep you updated on how it is going.

If you’re doing Nanowrimo this year, let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear about what you’re writing this year. My username on Nanowrimo is razka13 if any of you would like to become a writing buddy as well.


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