Rosie Reviews: Noir by Jacqueline E. Garlick

Filled with adventure, thrills, fears and a touch of romance – Noir does not disappoint as a sequel.


Title: Noir

Author: Jacqueline E. Garlick

Publisher: Skyscape

Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Source: NetGalley Review Ebook


Noir is the sequel to Lumiere, which I reviewed last week and, being a sequel, it does have a few spoilers. I will try my best to avoid them, but this is an early warning for those very spoiler-conscious that some minor ones may slip through.

In summary, Noir continues the story of Eyelet and Urlick as they try to solve the mystery that surrounds the Illuminator as well as fighting to escape those who wish to see them fail in their plans. Secrets are uncovered and things take a turn for the bizarre.

It is a book that is filled with adventure, thrills, fears and a touch of romance. While I did not enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Lumiere (which was fantastic), it is still a fabulous read.


The plot was not quite as self-contained as the previous book. Despite starting this almost as soon as I finished Lumiere it took a while before I worked out what had actually occurred and was occurring in Noir. I also felt like there were some plot holes that did jar a bit against my understanding of the characters and world, for instance in this book Iris seems to have acquired the ability to sign and Eyelet the ability to read sign language. I could have just missed something in Lumiere, but I did find that, amongst others, a little off-putting.

That being said, this novel is full of action and the characters are constantly in peril – they seem as if they were going through these adventures as real people rather than book characters and so experience the consequences of their actions and the environment they find themselves in.


As in Lumiere, Garlick does a fantastic job of making all her character likeable and treats the characters with disabilities the same way she treats those without, although those without are few and far between. It feels like a realistic cast of characters and I really enjoyed reading about them, especially finding out more about C.L. who gets his own point of view told in this book and a bit more of a back story.

Eyelet and Urlick also continue to be great protagonists although I did get a little tired of the romantic side of their story after a while. I found myself too invested in the plot and world to care about their relationship. We get a bit more backstory as well, which is a delight and, in one case, a bit of a shock. Garlick continues to develop the characters, keeping them interesting yet familiar and I am positive this is a trend that will be continued in the sequel.


Noir goes deeper into the world of Brethren than Lumiere did. While Lumiere took us as readers on a tour of the land, Noir explores the darker side and takes us into buildings previously established but only in name and description, not in the characters actually going there. I really enjoyed this side of the book – it made the world feel really real and made me both care for and fear for the characters.

Final thoughts

While not as good as Lumiere, Noir does not disappoint as a sequel. It expands a world you believe you’re already part of and introduces new characters without losing a grip on the old. Garlick’s writing and skill continues to be excellent. While the few minor plot holes do bring the rating down, I would still recommend reading this book. It is definitely a series I will be continuing.

Rating: 4/5


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