A Bit About: My Audiobook Collection

In a kind of follow up from my last post – being an adult has meant keeping an eye on my expenses which, unfortunately, has led to me cancelling my audible account (it was either that or Netflix…).

But, since that means I won’t be downloading any more audiobooks for a while, I thought it would an ample opportunity for me to talk about my audiobook collection which has grown from nothing to reasonably large since I started my account a few months ago.


There is no particular order to the audiobooks in the image, well, no particular order outside of alphabetical. There are three books missing from this image and these are: ‘Dracula’ and ‘Poirot, The Adventures of the Christmas Pudding’, both of which are physical discs and Haruki Murakami’s ‘The Colorless Tsukuru Tasaki’ which I returned as I really did not enjoy that one and there would be no chance of me listening to it again.

Of those in the image, I have only listened to five so far; these are ones where I knew the author or are ones that I knew a bit about and wanted to read. As time has gone by, however, I became a bit more adventurous – choosing books that I have never heard of before and buying because they sounded interesting (the daily deal definitely helped with this), these ones I have yet to listen to, so I am not sure whether my adventurousness will pay off yet.

I was not a big fan of audiobooks before I started on audible; they reminded me of long car journeys and brought back the sensation of feeling car sick. However, my re-discovery of audiobooks happened at the perfect time – I was slowly coming out of quite a difficult time, I was deep in dissertation and exam revision and, after a day staring a screens and text-books, I did not particularly want to stare at a story book either. My first download (‘Beauty Queens’ by Libba Bray) was perfect. It was light-hearted, it was fun, and it gave me the chance to relax into another world whenever I felt like it – on the way to dissertation testing, washing up or just lying in bed as I went to sleep. Since then I have been both hooked on audiobooks and have become a massive fan of Libba Bray, so ‘Beauty Queens’ is not an audiobook I will be getting rid of anytime soon.

When it comes to choosing audiobooks, as I said earlier I started going for books that I knew something about, but am slowly being more adventurous. I am much more a cover-buyer on audible. As the first thing you see is the cover, I tend to only click on the ones that look like they could be good (you can probably tell my cover tastes just by looking at the picture above). From there, I read the summary and, if the summary sounds good, I will listen to the sample. With audiobooks, I’ve found a lot relies on the narrator – if the narrator is bad, then it really lets the story down. I also read the reviews. Audible is the only place I actually read the reviews when deciding what to download. This is partly because I’ve started going for things that are not in my comfort zone, or that I’ve never heard of, and also because the reviews tend to give a good idea of how the book translates to audio format.

I’m quite looking forward to the next few months of listening. My audible account is on hold until November, so that gives me plenty of time to listen to the 11 books that I have left in my library. It’s fairly exciting. Audiobooks are helping me discover new authors and new books and they also let me listen to more books every month. I have found, however, that I can’t listen to them in a car – the car sickness resurfaces and I have to turn it off. I guess that’s a conditioned response that not going away anytime soon.

This was a bit of a long post, but I felt like I had quite a bit to say about my audiobook collections. Once I’ve finished a large chunk of these books, I’m going to write another post about my top five and maybe go into more detail about the various styles and narrator readings that work for me.

In the meantime, let me know your thoughts on audiobooks. Do you like them? Which ones are your favourites?


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