Life Update: Being a ‘Grown-Up’

As you may have noticed, there has been a distinct lack of posts these last few weeks. Unfortunately, my life has been so hectic that I have just not had the time to write anything. That, I hope, is about the change.

These last few weeks have been so busy for two simple facts: I have moved house and I have started a new job. Essentially, I have entered the realm of adulthood, leaving my student life behind.

While I did have a rough idea of what it’s like while I was at university – living in my own house, being independent with things like food and looking after myself, the experience once leaving university is very different.

For starters, there is no student loan to support me. Nor do I only have five contact hours a week.

Instead, I have gone from a fairly free way of living to something more structured with more responsibility.

I have to say, I’m enjoying it.

It’s hard to explain, but these last few weeks, I have just felt very happy. Albeit, a little stressed. I think, for me, knowing that I have a job to do, having a separate place to work, and having a bit more purpose to my existence – it works.

While I admit that, towards the end of the week, I do get quite tired and I’m not reading as much as I would have liked, I do feel like my life is on the rise. Everything has worked out so far for me and I just feel incredibly lucky and happier than I have for a long time.

Not to mention, there’s an ice rink, a library and a £3 book shop within walking distance to where I live, so that definitely helps. I’m also living with a rather adorable pug. Animals make everything better.

So, while the thought of being a ‘grown-up’ does feel quite daunting, I think it suits me. I know that I don’t have to act an adult all the time – there is no way anyone can take the Disney or Harry Potter out of me, and I can live an existence that I’m proud of.

That being said, I still can’t cook. I guess there’s always something.


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