Updates! – What I am Reading/Watching/Listening To

It has been a while since my last update, so I thought that for today’s post I would give you a little insight into my life at the moment.

Currently Reading

The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde – in an alternate universe, Thursday Next in a special agent investigating literary crimes. A valuable manuscript has been stolen, characters are disappearing from books, and then there is the question of who Shakespeare really was. I am about halfway through this book and I am really enjoying it. It is entertaining and a whole lot of fun – definitely a series I will be continuing.

The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch – Locke Lamora is the leader of the Gentleman Bastards, a gang of thieves that rely on their wits to steal from the wealthy. But their very existence is threatened by the appearance of the mysterious Grey King and they must find a way to stop him before it is too late. I am absolutely loving this book. I am listening to it as an audiobook and the narrator is one of the best I have heard and I am finding myself taking very opportunity I can to listen to the story.

Currently Watching

Grimm – After falling so very behind on this series, I am finally catching up. It is still excellent and this season is expanding to include more of the Grimm’s world and introduce us to more threats and wesen lore. There is a good mix of danger, drama and humour and I would really recommend this series to anyone who has not seen it, especially if you enjoy fantasy and fairy-tales.

Castle – Stepping away from fantasy and into mystery. I am on the latest season of Castle, and I am fairly sure that with every season this show is getting madder. All the characters have developed but still retain their core personalities from the very first episode and the show is funny, but there are more serious aspect to deal with as well.

Humans – I am only a few episodes in to this new show, but it is an excellent twist on the artificial intelligence trope, showing a world where robots are used to help humans, but a small few were programmed to have personalities. It is incredibly creepy and the actors are amazing.

Currently Listening To

Into the Wild Life by Halestorm – This is a fantastic album with a wide range of songs. It is quite different from their previous album, but not in a bad way. There are definitely a few favourites, ‘I am the Fire’ being one of them, and I am really enjoying listening to it.

The Human Contradiction by Delain – Again, another good album from this band. While it does maintain a similar sound to previous albums, one that is distinctly Delain, in no way are the songs repetitive. I have not listened to this album enough to determine any favourite, but there are certainly a few songs that stand out.

Other things of Note

Book Buying Ban – Yes, it is happening again. I am on the ban. With around 21 books that I have not read yet on my shelf, I have decided to try and read those books before I buy any other. Because a strict ban is really difficult, I have told myself that I can buy one book for every 7 books I read. These don’t include books I get for reviews or gifts, but it should stop me spending too much of my own money.

Job – I have now got a new job, which is really exciting and will be starting later this month. However, it does mean that these blog posts may decrease in number for a short time while I get used to the job and develop a new schedule. I will definitely be posting book reviews, especially if they’re books I am reading to review for the publisher, but other posts may not be so forthcoming.

That’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed this, not so short, update. There will, hopefully, be three more posts next week for your merry viewing, but after that, they will be less frequent. I will see you then.

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3 thoughts on “Updates! – What I am Reading/Watching/Listening To

  1. Congratulations on the job! (Is it the one you mentioned having an interview for by any chance?) I’ve also been watching Grimm/Humans recently (and am a Halestorm fan too). I was a bit skeptical about Humans at first as its basic premise seemed like such a ‘done’ concept but it’s also a fascinating one and I think the writers have succeeded in writing characters that we become invested in, even if some of them initially came too close to stereotypes. My favourite character is Niska. (In Grimm, it’s Monroe. Slightly amusing to spot the odd OUAT actor in there too!)

    • Thanks! Yes, it is the one I told you about. I’m quite excited to start although, alas, less time for reading.
      With Humans, the only AI things I have seen are ones after the robots have taken over so for me it’s really refreshing seeing a show where they are still in the service of humans and they seem to be doing it very well (it’s also got Merlin in, so I’m happy). Yes! Monroe is easily my favourite as well. You might enjoy watching Penny Dreadful – it’s kind of like OUAT, but with Victorian gothic literature, so Dorian Grey and Frankenstein are all characters. I’ve only seen a couple of episodes of it, but it seems to be quite good from what I have seen. I’ve also finally bought The Book of Lost Things (I got to my 7th finished book). I’m not sure when I will get around to reading it, but it will be sooner now that I actually own a copy.

      • I’ve heard of Penny Dreadful before but didn’t really know much about it other than its relations to the Victorian era. Now that I know it also has connections to Victorian literature, I’m definitely going to have to give it a try! So glad you chose The Book of Lost Things as your latest book buy. I just hope it lives up to the hype since I’ve been gushing about it so much…

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