Review of Cinder

A series that is quite big at the moment is ‘The Lunar Chronicles’ by Marissa Meyer. It is set in an alternate world where cyborgs exist and there is a colony on the Moon, the members of which have special abilities. Each book is a retelling of a fairy-tale, but with a twist.

When I first heard of this series, I knew I would enjoy it. It sounded perfect for me, with my love of fairy-tales, magic and alternate worlds. It took me a while to get hold of ‘Cinder’, the first book in the series, because my local bookshop only stocked the second two, but when I did, I read it in a day.

Cinder is fantastic. A twist on the tale of Cinderella, it is similar enough that you get that pleasant feeling of familiarity, but different enough that it is a brilliant story on its own. What I particularly liked was, while knowing the original story fairly well, I was not able to guess how certain aspect of the tale would be reimagined, or how the book would end.

Cinder, as a lead character, is interesting and entertaining. You can’t help but side with her. I really enjoyed how Meyer was not afraid to defy gender norms and make the main character of her young adult series a female, a cyborg and a mechanic. She is very much her own person, maintaining her individuality despite being oppressed by so many forces for who she is.

The world in which it takes place is well-developed and intriguing. Meyer does a really good job of making it realistic, but also not letting the description get in the way of the story. It is set in a futuristic version of Beijing and you get to see various sides of the city.

I will admit, there were a couple of important plot points that I was able to guess, but other than that I cannot really mind much fault in the book. It is an enjoyable, not-difficult, read that you can get engrossed in. I’m really excited to continue the series.

Rating: 5/5 stars


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