The Year of Reading Dangerously Review

As someone who loves to read, ‘The Year of Reading Dangerously’ by Andy Miller stood out to me from the moment I saw the title. It was something a little different to what I usually read – an account of the author’s decision to spend a year reading a number of the greatest books in the world.

The selection varied, from Anna Karenina to Silver Surfer comics, but the variance made the read all the more fascinating. It was not anything like I was expecting. Rather than reviewing each of the book read, Miller talks about the book within the context of his life – his experience reading them and how they affected him, personally. This, I really enjoyed as it demonstrated the power of books, and the difference between both the books and those who read them – not all books are for everyone.

As someone who struggles to read non-fiction books, I was pleasantly surprised with how easily I read this book. I got so engrossed in it, looking forward to seeing Miller’s reactions to books I had read, and to see if there were any I wanted to pick up the future (spoiler alert – there were a lot). It was really interesting, going on the journey with him, through the ups and downs – his moments of negativity, that he would give up on the venture, and those of sheer positivity, whereby his excitement for a book burst off the page.

As well as enjoying actually reading the book, I came away from it completely inspired to attempt a similar venture myself. Unfortunately, given that I am on a book buying ban and in the middle of exams, I won’t be starting it anytime soon. Hopefully, in the future, I will be able to start reading all the books that are on my own ‘list of betterment’.

Rating: 4.5/5


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