Reviewing All I Know Now

Growing up is a stressful business. There are friends to be made, bullies to be dealt with and hearts to be broken. Often, you feel like you’re alone, without a guiding hand. ‘All I Know Now’ is a book that reaches out its hand for yours. It is an advice book, offering tips that I never had during my childhood, and assurances that make those difficult years a bit easier. But more than that, it is a friend.

Written by Carrie Hope Fletcher, the book draws from her personal experiences in a humorous and witty manner that not only brings a smile to yourself, but clearly tells you that you are not alone. The tone is friendly throughout and, if you watch Carrie’s YouTube videos, you can clearly hear her voice as you read. It is consistent, making the book a delight to pick up. And, despite the advice, there is no occasion where it feels patronising.

While it is a fabulous book, it does get a little repetitive at times and there were moments where a thought a little more advice could be given, but those were few and far between. Otherwise, the book is exactly what young people need while growing up. Admittedly, as it is written using Carrie’s own experiences, the content does apply more to girls, but on the whole, it can be enjoyed by anyone.

The book is filled to the brim with Carrie’s personality – from the writing style, to the structure of the book – breaking it up into acts and even adding an interlude. But Carrie does not shirk the responsibilities that such a book holdings. At the back there is an extensive ‘props’ list of helplines and websites on specific topics, such as depression.

I really enjoyed reading this book, despite it being written for a younger audience than I. By the end, I just felt inspired. This is an important book for anyone growing up in this day and age.

Rating: 4.5/5


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