Book Reviews and the Next Few Weeks

I have a problem.

I read quickly, more quickly than I can write review, more quickly than one review a week. As a result, in my personal challenge to write a review for every book I read, I am running out of room, especially since I had originally planned for Mondays to be the only review days on this blog. I now have reviews scheduled right up until the end of June, and, you may have noticed, my blog seems to be becoming more and more review-based.

While I don’t mind this, I would like more variety on the site – a mixture of reviews and other book/writing related posts. Unfortunately, at the moment, I have exams and a dissertation to write, and jobs to apply for. Coming up with those other, more interesting posts takes time. Time I don’t really have right now.

My problem has layers.

Fortunately, I have a cunning plan. Well, the makings of a cunning plan at least. Over the next few weeks, until the end of my exams, this blog will be mainly reviews, as I get caught up on all the reviews I haven’t written. There will, hopefully, be other types of posts dropped in as well. Then, once exams are over, I will refrain from posting so many book reviews (unless, of course, you enjoy reading them all, in which case let me know in the comments). While I will still continue my mission to review every book I read, all those reviews will be put on goodreads. The ones which I put on here are ones that I feel are important, I have lots to say about, or are ones that I think are general interest – that lots of people should read.

So, in advance (and maybe with a touch of hindsight as well), sorry about all the reviews. I will try and make them as interesting as possible and mix and match the books so you don’t get ones that are too similar one after the other. Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to write about when the review season is over. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts and ideas.


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