Review of City of Glass

‘City of Glass’ by Cassandra Clare is the third book in ‘The Mortal Instruments’ series, however it also feels like the concluding act to a trilogy. It continues where ‘City of Ashes’ left off in the battle against Valentine, and this novel brings that to an epic conclusion.

The whole book builds up on everything set up in the previous two novels, developing the characters, the relationships and constantly adding to the tension that takes you right up until the end. There isn’t just the main conflict to deal with, there is also plenty of internal conflict as well, not least when it comes to Clary who seems to be torn in so many directions, but still, somehow, she remains as Clary. It was also fantastic seeing Idris properly and learning more about Shadowhunter culture.

I, unfortunately, stumbled across a couple of spoilers which did ruin a few of the main twists and shocking events for me – they lost their impact as I was waiting for it to happen. However, while I did get spoiled on the facts, the how was left unknown, and that did help make up for the spoilers. I will say though, that the twists and shocking events are wonderful, tragic and exciting all at the same time.

There is lots more to say about the book, but I want to keep this a spoiler free review for reasons already mentioned, so I cannot mention them all. I will say, however, that as the series progresses, my love for Magnus Bane grows. He is definitely one of my favourite characters and I am so excited to see more of him in the future. Clare does a remarkable job of remembering side characters and bringing them back, while still maintaining their personality. It is these that really add an extra layer to the story and make the world feel real.

I found this book made a really nice conclusion after the first two books, and it will be interesting to see how it sets up for the next set of three books in the series, and where the story continues from there. I do like having the opportunity for a break, especially since I have ‘Clockwork Angel’ to read as well, which I am also really looking forward to.

Rating: 4/5


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