My Trip to London: The London Book Fair and The Mousetrap

Last week, I got to go to the London Book Fair. It was quite an exciting event for me given that I had never been to such an event before and I thoroughly enjoyed going. The event itself lasted for three days; I, however, only went on the first day. This was because I was writing my dissertation during that week as well. That being said, the day itself was a lot of fun.

I was not quite sure what to expect when I first arrived, so felt a bit over-whelmed to start with. The place was massive! There were so many exhibitors and people and things going on, that it was quite difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, I had already trawled through the website before going and so had a rough plan of action. One of my friends joined me later on which made the day all the more enjoyable.

After wandering around for a bit, and getting my bearings, I went to my first seminar of the day. This one was the most important to me, as it discussed the skills that publishers were currently looking for. Needless to say, I learnt a lot. Following that, I met up with my friend and we went to a few more seminars and talks.

One of my favourite parts of the day was watching an interview with Emma Healey, the author of ‘Elizabeth is Missing.’ I loved the book and listening to what the author had to say was fascinating, especially her path to becoming a best-selling novelist and the influence her family had on the book. I ended up buying another copy of ‘Elizabeth is Missing’ and getting it signed. I think I may start a collection.

To cap off a day of literature, my friend and I went to see ‘The Mousetrap’, a play written by Agatha Christie. The longest running play, it has managed to stand the test of time. I was engrossed with the story and the mystery was one that really made you think. While I did manage to guess the resolution at one point, I had put it out of my mind as I could not work out how it would work, but it did and very well at that too.

All in all, I really enjoyed my day out in London. It made for a fantastic break from my dissertation work and I felt like I learnt a lot. I will definitely be going next year, if I can.


3 thoughts on “My Trip to London: The London Book Fair and The Mousetrap

    • You should definitely go, it’s a lot of fun. If you do go, I would recommend planning in advance. There is so much to do, and I found that the seminar rooms only fit a certain amount of people, so try and get to the more popular ones a bit earlier, so having an idea of what you want to see there and who you want to talk to is very useful. Also, take water. Fairly obvious, but the water inside the place is expensive and it gets quite warm inside. Hope that helps. Rosie

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