Inspirational Places: Centre Parcs and Stonehenge

As a mini-break from work, my family and I went off to spend a weekend at Centre Parcs and dropped off to see Stonehenge on the way back.


Centre Parcs is probably the closest thing I have to a holiday home. I’ve been to the various parks so many times, and they’re all fairly similar, that it’s become like a third home. It’s the perfect place to relax for me – I know how it works, there is very little stress, and it’s surrounded by nature. I went with my family, so it was very much a family holiday – making use of the facilities available and doing lots of activities. But I could very easily have gone on my own as a writing holiday, surrounded by trees, with use of the pool and other sporting ventures should I need to clear the cobwebs. The only downsides are the price and the incredibly poor wifi connection.

Stonehenge, on the other hand, is not somewhere you can stay and write. For one thing, the wind almost blew me away. A notebook probably wouldn’t survive. That being said, the rocks do have a curious atmosphere around them, one that is increased by the history. Being built on a site where two seemingly sacred constructions were built before, one does wonder if there isn’t something mystical about the monument. It is smaller than expected, but it still has the power to amaze. Walking around it, I could feel my mind teeming with inspiration and ideas.

I found both Centre Parcs and Stonehenge to be inspirational in their own separate ways. One is perfect for getting away and relaxing amongst nature. The other is a monument to history – elusive and mystical. It only shows that you can be inspired in different ways, and change is always good for getting creativity flowing. If you have a chance to go to either, or something similar, I would recommend that you do. Not only will you get a bucket load of new ideas, but you will also gain a wealth of knowledge and experience. For example, I now know how to clay pigeon shoot with lasers.

Inspiration can only be a good thing.


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