Final Year at University

This is my third and last year at university, I graduate in July (practically two months after I finish exams) and from then on, my future is a void of uncertainty.

I reached the half-way point of this year a couple of weeks ago, and it is scary to think that with each passing day, I am getting closer and closer to leaving the security university offers, and stepping into the real world.

It’s taken me the better half of my degree to work out what it is a want to do with my life. When I started, there were so many routes to take, and now I have narrowed it down to three. The first is the only one to actually related to my degree, and that is to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology. The second is the follow my love of books and work in publishing. The last is to write books, to be an author.

As these are each quite different things (although, admittedly, the last two are linked), it has made my third year even more difficult, given the search for applications and work experience.

Combining this with the actual degree work that goes into third year, and it makes for quite a busy time.

Already this year, I have written and handed in a literature review, completed two modules and taken exams for both of those modules. I am now working on two more modules (for which there are, again, exams) and my dissertation project.

As you can probably imagine, this is keeping me very busy. The work is tiring, I will admit, trying to balance everything out and keeping up to date with all the little things. But I am also making sure to make time for myself. I do tai chi three times a week, I read when I week up and before I go to bed, and I try to make sure that my social life doesn’t suffer as well.

For anyone starting their third year at university, do not fear. It is the busiest year and also, probably the most stressful. But it is also a time where you find yourself making the most of everything there is to offer. As a result, it is the year I am enjoying the most. I feel like I am discovering more about me, and becoming more of my own person. The thought of finally leaving university does make me nervous, but it is also quite exciting.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the future has to hold.


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