Review: We Were Liars

I have seen ‘We Were Liars’ by E. Lockhart many times on BookTube, with very good reviews, and so when I saw it in the bookshop on one of my many book-buying sprees, I swept it up and paid for it without a second thought. To be perfectly honest, it was only the fact that it had been recommended a lot that I picked it up. I knew nothing of the story, bar that it was about a group of friends and that there was a mystery to uncover. So, going in, I knew nothing of what to expect.

The story was good. I kept reading, curious as to what would be uncovered and trying desperately to find out what happened. Cadence, the main character, suffers from amnesia after an accident one holiday and spends much of the novel trying to piece together what happened to make her forget. The novel flits between flashbacks and present day, and while it s was difficult to tell which was which at times, I quite enjoyed the juxtaposition between the two.

I quite enjoyed the characters as well, they were well thought out and I found I could differentiate between them and even recognise bits of people I knew in them. The only three which I had issues with were Mirren, Gat and Jonny, who all appeared to act quite young for their age during the present day scenes. While I found this annoying, it did make perfect sense by the end of the novel.

The ending. My favourite part of this entire novel is the ending. It was a such a heart-breaking twist and I had no inkling of what it was that when I read it, I literally just had to stop and reread that section again. I have to give Lockhart a lot of credit for being able to spring such a fantastic conclusion, one that is really hard to pick up on unless you read the previous parts of the book really closely (there are hints, but they are delightfully subtle). It is definitely a book to be read again.

However, I did have a bit of a problem with the writing style. While quite creative in how it was written, at times I felt it was just a distraction from the story. It is first person, which I don’t normally like, but this time it was done quite well. The main issue for me were the bits where it appeared to be Cadence’s thoughts, written out like a list. It did not really appeal to my taste in books and while I enjoyed the main story, I did not like the parts that were written in this way. As I read more, I just ended up skimming over them, which detracted a little from the enjoyment of the book.

Still, I did find it a good book, and the ending just makes up for things I didn’t really like.

Rating: 4/5

We Were Liars:

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