Requiem – The Final Book in the Trilogy

After reading ‘Delirium’ and ‘Pandemonium’ by Lauren Oliver, I set about reading ‘Requiem’, the final book in the trilogy. Everything that the previous two books have been building up to come to head in this. There is battle, there is death, there is love. Like the previous book, ‘Requiem’ is told in two story lines. However, rather than be in two timelines of the same character, it instead tells the story of both Lena and Hana in parallel. It is fascinating.

At the beginning of the series, these two were best friends. Now, their lives could not be any more different. Lena lives in the wilds, forced to fend for herself and hunt for food. She is also embroiled in a love triangle, which I will talk about momentarily. Hana, on the other hand, is at the centre of society. Having got the ‘cure’ for love, she is now partnered with the new mayor and will soon start living a life of luxury. However, not all goes according to plan.

The story in ‘Requiem’ is particularly interesting as it uses the points of view from people on either side of the fence, literally. You can see the pros and cons of each argument and that the supporters for each can be both likeable and non-so-likeable –  the only difference between the people is what they believe in. With this in mind, the ending works really well. For fear of spoilers, the story is in no way fully closed up. The walls have been torn down, and people on either side have been reunited. It is, in a way, symbolic of love; that despite the differences, people can still be friends.

This brings me, somewhat, onto the love triangle. As a series about love, it is expected that love take centre stage. In the first book it was Alex, the second it was Julian. For the third, I would have loved it if they had focused on the kind of love you get between friends – this was prominent in Hana’s story, with her mind still going back to Lena and how she puzzled about their friendship. For Lena’s part of the story, however, it reverted to the time old love triangle. If you’ve read the second one, you know it ends with the return of Alex. In the third book, despite Alex being just basically mean to Lena, she still struggles with her love between Julian and Alex. I had issues with this. Her relationship with Julian was primarily about her finding love again and getting over Alex. Cue Alex’s return and it feels like she is just using him to get at Alex. This continues throughout most of the book and, to be honest, got a little irritating. Still, I did appreciate how the book ended, with (spoiler) Lena walking off hand in hand, not with Alex, not with Julian, but with Grace – her young cousin who she has loved since the beginning.

All in all, I really liked the book – the build up was good, the characters were fantastic and while I had the odd tiff with Lena’s story, I really loved how Hana was handled. I thought it was a wonderful way to round off the series.


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