Inspirational Places: Oxford

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, the past week has been incredibly busy for me. But now, I shall restart the posting anew and keep up the usual schedule of posting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

One day last week, I was in Oxford for a total of three hours and twenty minutes. In that time, I went to a café and a bookshop, and yet, my head was buzzing with ideas all the way back home. Looking out across the skyline of the city, from a café many floors up in a building, you can see so many delightful buildings – domes, gothic spires, shops – that you can’t help but imagine stories interweaving with the city’s architecture.

Walking through the streets, there are so many interesting people about that it is easy to see a whole host of characters battling evil or rushing to solve a murder, or get away with one. While you can get such a variety of people in pretty much any city, the atmosphere of Oxford, with all its heritage just made it all the more easy to imagine. You could picture a whole history of the person serving you in the café, or make up a story about the boy with brightly coloured hair on the street.

Not only that, but visiting the bookshop just made me want to write. With all the inspiration of the city, seeing the books on the shelves and tables, just waiting to find a new home, made me want to sit back and write. And from that writing, see a book on that shelf, maybe even to see that book give the joy and inspiration to someone else that my own venture into the bookshop gave to me.

If you do ever have the chance to visit Oxford, I say go for it. Explore the city, the colleges and the old buildings. Visit the bookshops and people-watch from a café table. You never know when you will be hit with inspiration, so keep a notebook handy. Oxford is certainly an inspirational place to be. I just wish I’d had the chance to explore it more and take a trip to the Bodleian Library.


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