Life, the Universe and Everything. Review.

This is the third book in Douglas Adams’  ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ trilogy, but not the last. It is also the first one to have a clear, identifiable plot, given in the form of the Krikkit Wars. These wars wrecked havoc across the universe before being brought to an end, and in this book, our heroes have to try and prevent them from starting up again. This involves a quest,  a game of cricket and an alien that has made it its mission to insult everyone in existence.

I really enjoyed this third book. I liked have a clear end goal, but with the added eccentricities that Adams is so good at (see the insulting alien). There were twists and turns, which surprise you yet make perfect sense when you think about it. Questions are asked, and then answered.

This did feel like the end of a trilogy. Arthur’s story rounded off nicely and the other characters all felt like their own stories had been told. Admittedly, there were a few things that were left hanging, but that only served to feed the imagination. The next few books will certainly be interesting to read, particularly as they are a continuation of the ‘trilogy’.

Rating: 4/5

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