Looking Back at My Holiday Projects

I am now back at University, well in the middle of my final preparations for exams later this week and decided to take a break to look back at the projects I set myself to do over the holidays.

1) Revision

My first project was revision. As I still need to take the exams, I am not counting this as complete just yet, although I did do a fair amount over the holiday, which, believe me, was not fun. The main focus was statistics as I find numbers difficult to get my head around. Even then, there was a lot of reading of articles which took up a lot of time, but I do feel a lot more prepared now (definitely a good thing, and a relief as well)

2) Editing

My second project was editing a section of my novel ‘The Unnaturals’, which amounted to 7 chapters. Unfortunately, I only completed 4 of them. More than half, but not the total. This was mainly due to the focus on revision and my last project, which we will get to eventually. I do feel somewhat happy with this, as beforehand no progress was being made, and now I am getting back into it, and enjoying it a lot more

3) Proofreading and Copy Editing Course

Again, I only completed half of this challenge. I tasked myself with completing two modules of the course, but instead only managed one. The first, and completed module, involved an assignment at the end, so I wanted to make sure I would do a good job on that before progressing to the next one.

4) Getting Fit

I am extremely proud to say that I completed the four week programme that I was following to build up my basic strength and flexibility levels. Already I can see the effects and I am just so pleased with the result. It also makes my mew years resolution to be able to run at least 5k this year that little bit easier.

5) YouTube

This project was to set up and maintain a YouTube channel, which I did. My channel is here, and I am quite proud of the videos I have up there so far. My speaking and editing and just general producing skills do need work, but for now I’m happy with what I’ve done. I am going to continue it this year and see where it goes from there.

6) Christmas

Last but not least, Christmas. This was probably my favourite of the bunch, and it probably took up the most amount of time at the beginning of the holiday – buying presents, wrapping presents, getting organised. It was definitely worth it and it definitely turned out great in the end. The dog didn’t even eat the Christmas cake this year (that was a bit of a surprise last year and did not go down too well at all).

And those were my holiday projects. I will be continuing the ones that I did not complete, and even the ones I did, so I will try to keep you updated on those. If you had any projects over the holidays let me know what they were and how they went in the comments!



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