Holiday Projects

I am now home from university, and have been for about a week, for the holidays. As much as I love holidays and being home, I do find it hard to keep myself occupied – there is so much to do, yet hardly anything at all. And four weeks is hard to fill, particularly if I’m flitting from one thing to another. So, I have decided to just take a few things that I want/have to do and make them my holiday projects.

1) Revision

This project is a necessary evil. I have exams for my university course the week I get back in the new year, so this holiday I am going to have to dedicate a lot of time to studying. The topics in question are interesting (clinical psychology and research methods, well statistics), the main problem is making sure I give each ample revision time and revising things that are relevant to the questions that I don’t know will be asked (fortunately I have a vague idea of the types of questions, which makes things a little easier).

2) Editing

I’ll admit, I’ve not been great at editing these last few months. Workloads have increased and life has been getting in the way. But this holiday, my goal is to complete the next section in my book, in terms of editing. I really want progress to be made, and at the moment that is not happening. So this holiday, it will be done!

3) Proofreading and Copy Editing Course

Like the editing, I’ve been trying to work on this for a while now, but everything else seems to be getting in the way of it. This holiday I want to go through two of the course modules, including an assignment. I’ve learnt loads from the first few modules and it’s about time I make headway on the rest of them.

4) Getting Fit

This is a new years resolution come early. I’ve found that I spend a lot of time inside, not really moving. I’m either sitting in bed, sitting on chair or sitting on a settee. So, for about an hour every other day, I have decided to do an indoor training regime to work on my flexibility and general core strength. The exercises (and indeed the regime) are taken from a few online/army exercises that I’ve found, so they should work.

5) YouTube

Yes, I’ve decided to start a YouTube channel. I enjoy making videos and editing videos, so I thought I would start a channel on YouTube to give myself a bit more of an incentive to learn new skills and improve. It should also help with my confidence a bit (hopefully). It’ll mainly be about books, but there will be other things, like arty videos, to break the books up a bit. And it should be fun.

6) Christmas

Okay, this isn’t really a project, but Christmas does involve a lot of work so I’m including it. I have to wrap presents, make and write Christmas cards and decorate the Christmas tree (It is a tragedy this has not happened yet, but my parents were waiting until I got back home and when everyone in the family was around, and had time to do it). Tree decorating will be happening on Sunday. Mark my words.

And that is it on the main projects of the holiday. I will try and keep you updated on how things are going, either on here or on my twitter account (which I plan to use more of, otherwise, what is the point of one?). Fingers crossed things all go according to plan.

Happy Holidays!




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