The Maze Runner Review

I first heard of ‘The Maze Runner’ after an article in Empire Magazine described the film that, then, was being released soon. Since then, I have read both the book and the film after being impressed with the concept described.

Fortunately, as the film was being released only a few days after I read the article, I managed to borrow the book off of my brother and dive into it. I was pleasantly surprised. If I had not been so intrigued by the Empire article, I probably would not have picked the book up to read. But I am glad I did. It was an entertaining story, following Thomas as he wakes up, with no memories except his name, in the middle of a maze. Teaming up with the other boys trapped within, he has to find a way to escape before it’s too late.

My favourite parts of the book were the characters, particularly Newt, and the society they created. I love books that have a different society set-up to ours, and seeing how they work and how it reacts to the conflicts faces in the story. This book was no different. The interactions and relationships were strained, twisted and brought together as the book built up to the conclusion. The characters were different and identifiable, although in some cases they did seem a little over the top.

The plot was interested as well and was brought around nicely, although I did feel that when a few of the reveals occurred it was as if they were an afterthought to explain the concept rather than being part of the story concept itself. One or two seemed a little silly. Regardless of that, I enjoyed the book. It was an entertaining read.

Rating: 3/5



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