My Month in Sri Lanka: The Weekends

This is continuation of last week’s post about my trip to Sri Lanka, however, while that one was about the volunteering, this one is about the weekends. And what amazing weekends they were too.

While SLV organised the week’s activities for us, the weekends were ours to do with what we will. This mainly involved hitting full tourist mode and exploring the country. The first weekend out there was arranged by SLV, the only one that we had no hand in except with packing and turning up. It was spent out in the jungle, getting to know one another and partaking in a multitude of activities. With me being out in Sri Lanka for only four weeks, that left me with only two weeks of ‘tourist time’.


The second week was a recovery weekend on the beach in Hikkaduwa. After two weeks of non-stop work and just general busy-ness (not to mention the jungle weekend), it was well needed. The beach was stunning – there were palm trees, golden sand and warm, blue water. Beautiful. Not to mention there being a number of things to do once sitting on the beach got boring (I’m one of those people, sorry). The two main attractions for me were the turtle hatchery (I got to hold a baby turtle!) and the tsunami museum (which was really sad but worth the visit).


My third and last weekend was to Kandy, the one place I knew I want to go to before I had even stepped foot in Sri Lanka. There is so much to do there, I did not fit everything in at all, and it was a pretty jam-packed weekend. The highlight was definitely getting to ride, feed and bathe an elephant (the only downside of that being that some of the elephants had chains hanging around their necks, for safety reasons apparently). But I had never been that close to an elephant before, which was fantastic. I also got to see Kandyan dancing (bizarre yet intriguing and quite enjoyable). The Temple of the Tooth was another highlight. We managed to get in when the room that contained the container of the Tooth was open so that was fairly exciting, although I did feel a little like an intruder. It was a beautiful temple though.


There were a couple of other places that I would have loved to go to had I had more weekends, but I guess I will have to save them for another trip. It would be amazing to be able to go back, but I am not sure when that will be. Time, and money, will tell.



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