Raising Steam – Review

Goblins, Steam Trains and Dwarves at war. Who could ask for more?

All these feature in Terry Pratchett’s book ‘Raising Steam’, which follows Moist von Lipwig and various other characters (including the almighty Vetinari) as the Discworld is introduced to steam trains. They are invented, build and put into action throughout the novel, turning the world on its shoulders. All this goes against a backdrop of war as rebel Dwarves start, well, a rebellion against all things undwarfish.

It is a delightful book to read. The Moist von Lipwig books are personal favourites of mine and so discovering another one was an excitement. It did, however, seem to loose its thread in places and some of the characters lost their individuality – making it hard to tell exactly what was occurring. Regardless, it still made me laugh and provided some well-sought after escapism.

Rating: 4/5


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