Visiting Scotland

After my stint at the Commonwealth Games, I went up to Scourie with my family. I have never had a holiday in Scotland before; past trips up have always had an ulterior motive – training, uni visits and the games interview. With that in mind, it was great to finally have a chance to relax and explor Scotland properly.


To start with, I spent a few days in Stirling. Staying in a villa around half an hour away from the city, with very few people and houses around, it felt like I was shut away from the world and could finally recharge.  Stirling is a lovely city, with plenty to see. As we only had a few days there, the main attractions were Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument – both up high on hills. Both fascinating to visit. The views were spectacular,  particularly from the monument (see above), but being the kind of person I am, what I really found impressive was Wallace’s sword, which was longer than I am tall.


After Stirling, my family and I headed North on a drive that took the better part of the day. Our Highland house was a few minutes outside of Scourie and overlooked a beautiful bay. Being up North was amazing. There was no internet connection where we were staying so I felt truly cut off. The area was stunning: rolling hills and jagged rocks. It was something out of a fairytale, a magical air that permeated through your senses. There was a lot to see and do as well; from smuggler caves to mermaid beaches and deserted islands, we were busy for the whole time we were up there. My only regret is that I only saw one seal and no dolphins.


All in all, it was a wonderful holiday, one I really enjoyed. If you have a chance to explore the Highlands, it is something I recommend you do. Now, I just need to visit the rest of the country.


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