Getting Back into Editing

Over the last few weeks, I have had another spurt of motivation to get back into writing. Something that is probably noticeable just by looking at how frequently I have been posting on this blog. It is a surge I really hope will continue since I just feel so much happier when writing than when I’m not.

The main thing I am focusing on at the moment is finishing ‘The Unnaturals’. The writing itself has been finished, all that is left is the editing and fine-tuning to make it a novel I am happy with, and one that I hope to get published.

So far, I have gone through the first few sections, re-acquainting myself with the story and highlight areas that need to be changed or looked over. Once this has been done for the rest of the novel, I will go back and go over those highlighted parts, making sure everything fits together smoothly.

It is hard work and I know I am not that great at editing, or sticking to plans that I’ve made for myself. But I have a good feeling. If I can complete the first phase of editing before I go away mid-September, I will be happy. Hopefully, the power of the deadline will succeed in this endeavour.



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