Would You Cure Love? – Delirium Review

Love: An emotion, sensation and pandemic that makes up the very fabric of our society. It is rare to see a film, read a book or walk down the street without seeing some evidence of it in action. What if it could be cured?

That is the premise of Lauren Oliver’s book ‘Delirium’. The title stems from the condition of the same name that is characterised by acute confusion. In the book, it is love – “Amor Deliria Nervosa”. The main character, Lena, is in her final year before her 18th birthday, when she will undergo the procedure to remove her ability to love. It is in that year that she falls in love.

I really enjoyed this book, devouring it in a day. The use of a world that is not dissimilar to our own, with the exception of the cure and all that comes with that, makes the novel resonate that little bit more. Everything is familiar – the friendships, the school, the jobs. The concept of curing love becomes all the more plausible. And it is terrifying.

One of my favourite things about it is that Lena is not a rebel at heart. She has grown up with the weight of her mother’s suicide and all the whispers that came with. The idea of breaking the rules scares her. That is what makes her journey through the novel so satisfying. In the end it comes down to her choice. Choice and freedom – two things the book is about and the society within it inhibits.

It is the first book in a series, and I know I will be reading the next few.

Rating: 4/5


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