Out of the Comfort Zone, Into the Tree

This year, I have been trying very hard to step out of my comfort zone and try things that I otherwise would not do. One of these things was tree climbing.

I don’t like heights. Well, I don’t mind heights, it is the idea of falling that I don’t like. That one fall could result in my splattered across the ground with no sign of life left in me. So, as you can imagine, going up a tree was not something I was overly comfortable with.

This was not just any tree climbing either – not going up branch by branch on a smallish tree. This tree was about 20 or so metres high and I had to hoist myself up with a rope and harness. It was similar to rock-climbing, in a way, but also quite different. So, all harnessed in, helmet and all, I began to ascend. The first part was difficult, just getting the hang of the climbing technique. The second part was easier – I was still relatively near the ground but also climbing with a lot more ease, and I could kind of see a view. The third part was the hardest. I was up past my height happy place, my arms were getting a little weary and I, rather foolishly, looked down.

I only made it up half way – to the first branch. I had determined to make it up at least that far, and despite my terror at being up that high, I was a little disappointed not to have made it up higher when I finally got down to terra firma. Despite that, I was glad I did it. It was an experience and one that I hope to do again, if just to reach the top.




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