I think I am strong,

I catch the rocks you throw,

Like the reservoirs after piercing rain.


But it builds.


It piles up above me,

It creates higher and higher,

Like knives against the crystalline sky.


And it builds.


I feel myself teeter,

I fight the echoes around me,

Like a shout before the avalanche falls.


I am not strong.


The mountain crumbles.

Poetry – not something I do often, but I thought I would give it a try. Usually when I write it,  I tend to rhyme things but this time I tried to write something that does not revolve around rhyming. Hopefully it works.

It is partly about pressure, and how too much of it can be detrimental to mental well-being, however it can also be applied to other things such as depression and bullying. I wanted to write something that people can relate to, regardless of their situation, but with a kind of detached, helpless feeling that could indicate solitude and loneliness, if that makes sense.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, it would certainly help me improve.

Have a good weekend!



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