Footsteps: Out Now!

It is the last day of April, and with it comes the fourth story of this year’s short story challenge. It was a bit of a mixed ride this time. I put aside the intended story as other commitments meant I would be unable to finish it to a standard I deemed suitable. In its place is a short story that I had already written, but not edited. With the time remaining, I polished it up.

As it is only a very short story, some may even call it flash fiction, I decided to give it away for free. However, Amazon KDP does not have that option, the lowest price being $0.99 which I find somewhat extortionate for this length of fiction. So, starting tomorrow, this story will be available through Amazon KDP on a free ebook deal which last for five days. After five days are up, it will revert to the price of $0.99 and I shall look for another way to get it to you for free. Until then, enjoy:



Fear. It can fill every inch of our being, alter our perceptions, enhance our senses. It is overpoweringly real and an illusion of the strongest kind. Everything can change. and when the footsteps come – you had better start running.

It is available on and Other links will be put here by Friday at the latest.







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