The Fault in Our Stars – I finally read it!

John Green’s ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ is a beautifully tragic book. In it, Hazel Grace Lancaster, a terminal cancer patient, meets Augustus Waters, cancer survivor (at the cost of a leg) and so an epic love story unfolded.

This book is not about cancer. The main characters have it, sure, but really this is about them. It is a character piece, exploring their emotions, reactions, their tales. That is what I like to much about it. The cancer may be a driving force behind the story, but really Hazel and Augustus take the front seat. They are just two nerdy kids who find love. That is what makes them so endearing. It felt real.

There were some parts that felt odd – mainly the Peter Van Houten sub-plot. It happened very quickly to start with and the did not feel fully resolved by the end. Part of me thinks that if Van Houten had not been included I would not have enjoyed the book any less.

Otherwise, this is certainly a book to be read. The end had me in tears, so if you do read it, don’t do so in public. It is a heart-warming, emotional ride.

Rating: 4.5/5


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