Copywriting and Proofreading Course – Begin Again

Back in September, I started on a course in copywriting and proofreading with the Writers Bureau. I did this as I thought it would help with essays, editing my own work and perhaps be useful in terms of a future career (i.e. look good on the old CV). Since then, work has piled up and life has got in the way. Every time I opened the course materials, something else sprung up.

Recently though, I have managed to get my life back in order and begin the course again, in earnest. As a result, I have just completed Assignment 1. This may not seem much, but to me it is a whole lot more progress than I had been making before – a trend I hope to keep.

The first part of the course, and ultimately the assignment, focused on spelling and punctuation and was surprisingly difficult. Spotting errors, particularly where commas are involved, is a lot harder than just knowing the rules. There is constant checking, double checking and even the occasional triple check. Still, for someone who is not very good at editing, I enjoyed it, and even though I’ve only just begun, I still recommend it. The information is readable, easy to understand and there is a whole community online for other people on the course.



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