April’s Short Story: Planning Phase – Completed

With the first part of my short story trilogy, ‘Divided We Stand’, out now, I have started on the second. Tentatively named ‘Entrance to Insanity’, it focuses on the characters of Juliet and Ria after the events of the last story.

The planning stage has just been completed and later today I move onto the writing. Planning a story is hard work – not only do you want to tell a certain story, but you have to get the pacing right in order to keep it interesting. I am also continuing to try and make a story that is part of a series,  yet is able to stand on its own. I’m not sure how well that succeeded in ‘Divided We Stand’, and with this being a sequel, the challenge will only be greater.

Despite that, I am looking forward to writing it. Out of the three, this will be the one mostly set in the real world, with fewer fantasy elements (although there will be some). This is mainly because I want to explore the characters more – make it about them. This is particularly true for Ria as I feel that not much of who she is nor what her background is like was shown in the first story.

Time to enter the writing phase. Bring it on.



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