Divided We Stand: Out Now

The third short story of my 2014 short story challenge is now available. ‘Divided We Stand’ is the first part of ‘The Dreaming Saga’ – a trilogy of short stories that follow Juliet’s journey as she discovers who she is and the world that her Grandmother told her about as a child.

Divided We Stand

Divided we stand

The Dreamland is different for everyone. It can take any form; contain anything the mind can conjure. It is an escape, a place to hope, where fantasies become a reality.

Juliet has not dreamed for many years. Her life is happy – she has a boyfriend, a best friend and a job. All that is about to come crashing down. A simple trip the fair casts her into a torrent of doubt, fear and pain. Only by accepting what she rejected as a child can she be saved. A lot can change in a day. 

‘Divided We Stand’ can be bought for £0.77 on amazon.co.uk. Other locations can be found here.

I really enjoyed writing this story, despite encountering a few uphill battles along the way. I certainly learnt a lot in the process as well. I hope you enjoy it. The next instalment shall out at the end of April, with the third and final part being released at the end of May.



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