Writing ‘Divided We Stand’

On Monday 31st March, my third short story of the year, ‘Divided We Stand’ will be released. It has been a tough month – I have been plagued by illness, work overload and writer’s block, so finishing has been hard work. I, for one, have certainly learnt that sticking to deadlines are not my strongest point.

One of the things I noticed while writing was that whenever I got stuck, not knowing quite how to articulate what I wanted to say, I stayed at that point until I became unstuck. I did this instead of moving on to the next section and coming back to the part when inspiration struck. This made the writing process a lot long and much more frustrating than it needed to be, and is definitely something I am going to try and amend in the future.

Another aspect which I found difficult was writing character interactions between three, or more, people. I imagine this is, in part, sue to my inherent shyness that makes it a struggle for me to socialise in large groups. It is a problem which seriously needs fixing. As a result, I probably need to throw myself in the deep-end more often, to get a first-hand feel and understanding of the dynamics of such groups.

Those are the two main things that stood out for me in writing ‘Divided We Stand’, things that I hope to improve on during next month’s writing session.



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