Articles and Publicity

While at university, I became involved with The Looking Glass Anthology. This society develops a book, collecting the best creative writing that the university has to offer, selected from countless submissions in editorial meetings. I am both on the editorial committee and on the publicity team.

This year, going into Volume 5, The Anthology decided to go down a different, more self-sufficient route. This essentially means that the books will be sold, profits from which will be put back into the Anthology for the next printing, and so making sure that The Looking Glass Anthology can continue going for as long as it needs to be.

Spreading the word about this campaign was one of the publicity team’s main jobs. This has mainly involved posting on social media websites, but, in order to reach a wider audience, we are going to try advertising in the student papers. I volunteered the write the article, which can be found on the Anthology’s website.

I have not written an article for a long time and jumped at the chance to write it. Any experience is good experience, after all. After a quick Google for any tips, and a read up of other articles in the student papers, I set about writing up a plan and getting down to writing. The main challenge was including all the relevant information without it sounding too dry. I also spent quite a while writing and rewriting the introduction. I’ve never been good with beginnings.

Despite the challenges, I did enjoy writing it and I aim to write more in future – build up my writing portfolio. If you would like to donate, then click here. Otherwise, let me know any of your experiences with writing and publicity. I would be happy to hear them.


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