Writing ‘Divided We Stand’

I am half-way through writing ‘Divided We Stand’. It took a while to get going, but I think I am now headed in the right direction and, finally, on a roll. Contrary to the last two stories (‘Futile Survival’ and ‘Stranger’), this one is set in the modern day, a fact which took me somewhat by surprise. I had originally envisioned ‘Divided We Stand’ to be set in a past, fantasy-type world, similar to ‘Stranger’ in a way.  Saying that, I am quite glad with this development. I have never really written anything in the real world and, while this does contain some fantasy elements, it will give me experience in another type of genre.

Writing it also seems to be going better than I had anticipated. After starting off on the wrong foot, namely trying to do something that did not go with the story I am trying to tell, I am now comfortably in the writing zone. The characters seem quite real to me, something which will hopefully translate onto the page, and I have a strong idea of where it is headed. This is particularly a relief as my plan is essentially a list of bullet-points about the order events are supposed to go in and what they are supposed to show.

I also feel that my writing is improving – it is becoming more natural and comfortable to write. Despite this, I am still spotting things that I do need to work on. Well, that is what this challenge is for after all – spotting my flaws and making my writing the best it can be. Editing also helps remove out the kinks, which shall primarily be next week’s challenge. The main writing should be finished by Friday, then it is down to the nitty-gritty before publication at the end of the month.


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