Bedside Books

Books are an important part of my life. All kind of books – story books, notebooks, poetry, sci-fi. The list goes on. As a writer, I find it important to both read and write regularly and so I tend to keep books nearby at all times. This is no different at night. While my bookcase is at the foot of the bed, I keep a select few on the bedside table. So, I thought I would introduce you to them (at least, the ones that are there are this current moment in time):

SAM_1991 From left to right:

Doctor Who: A History of the Universe in 100 Objects

 First and foremost, this book is a pure indication of my geekiness, however, it also serves as a reminder of how intricate and detailed a made-up universe can be, and how much background there is that an ordinary viewer or reader may not see. This is something I hope to emulate in my own writing.

My Journal/Diary/Whatever you call these things

This kind of speaks for itself. I started keeping a journal a year or so ago and have written something in it every day since. The page-a-day ones work quite well for me because I hate having missed-out pages so it convinces me to keep writing. Not to mention, it is great for making sure I keep writing and for refining my writing abilities.

The Dark Room – Rachel Seiffert

My reading-for-fun book. I like to have at least one book that I am not reading for my course, and at the moment this is it. My last one was ‘Brave New World’ (review coming soon), which I finished yesterday, so I have yet to properly start ‘The Dark Room’. I am trying to read a wider variety of genres and writing styles so to develop my own and learn from others.

Grimm Season 2 – Box Set

Okay, so this is not a book. As a student, I do not get much time (or the channels) to watch my favourite shows so I just get the box sets when they come out and what those when I can. Mostly a bit of fun, I do actually learn a bit about pacing, dialogue and character interaction and development from them.

English Romantic Poetry: An Anthology

A memento of my days studying English Literature. I have found that even as a prose writer, poetry can be extremely informative in terms of language use, particularly with imagery. Reading out loud also gives a better understanding of the rhythm.


If, like me, you find that some of your best ideas happen in the middle of the night, keeping a notebook by your bed is vital. Not to mention as pen/pencil as well. Mine is packed with lots of doodles, scribbles and bits of writing that have fed into my stories at some point.

That is it for my bedside books – a small peek into the books that dominate my life. I hope you enjoyed it. What do you keep by your bed?







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