Stranger: eBook out now!

‘Stranger’ is out now. Just in time too. It was a close call as I had forgotten how much had to be done in terms of formatting and creating the cover before the short story could actually be published. Lesson learnt (hopefully). Anyways, here it is:



After falling into a lake, Serenity finds herself in the realm of Nightsea, where nothing is quite what it seems. Trees glow, music is colourful and the water whispers. Settling in a small town reminiscent of her past life, Serenity befriends a man called Stranger. With him, she comes to realise what it really means to be free.

Her back now graced with wings, Serenity starts to fly.

Currently, ‘Stranger’ can be bought as an eBook for £0.77 at I will add more links to where it can be bought to the ‘Writing and Artwork’ page when they become available.

I hope you enjoy it. This story was definitely one of the hardest things I have written. I am fairly sure I wrote about five different endings before deciding on the one it actually has. ‘Stranger’ was certainly a learning curve in finding out what I am happy writing, and what I need to work on. Hopefully, the next story will include plenty of improvement. I already have an idea forming. Right now, though, I need some sleep.



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