Writing, Editing, Results

I can’t believe it. My first short story has only been up since Friday, and already I have a review (and with it a sale, but that is not so exciting). I was practically jumping around my room for ages after seeing it. ‘Futile Survival’ has been given a four star rating. Though there is only one, and perhaps some of you may be thinking that it is no big deal, but for me it means so much. I actually feel validated as a writer. I am good at something. My dreams are not as far off as I thought they would be.

More than that, those four small stars have given me inspiration. The voices in my head telling me I am no good enough have been pushed aside, and I am not afraid to write. They will be back, I am sure of that. But in the meantime, I can do what I like. Which leads me to my next short story. It is in the brainstorming/planning stages at the moment and slowly taking shape. I want it to be slightly more surreal and magical than the last one, and revolving more around the character than the events she finds herself placed in. The preliminary title at the moment is ‘Stranger’, and who knows where it shall go from there.

My novel is still in the stages of being edited at the moment. Now that I have completed the read-through, with parts highlighted and ideas written in the margin, I am working out the best way to continue. Currently, I have a vague plan of taking it chapter-by-chapter, and editing each one in turn. I also need to go over the timeline and make sure that that is correct due to me having two stories running parallel at one point. It should be an interesting ride, but as it is essay week at University, it will be a ride that I will just have to wait for.

For those interested, ‘Futile Survival’ is available as a kindle ebook on Amazon. Here are the links for America and the UK. If you live elsewhere, there should be link on the page to take you to your local Amazon. I will, hopefully, be providing all the links soon.



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