A Winter Tune

Christmas is fast approaching, and winter is near upon us. The weather turns cold and rain turns to snow. Snow. It is an exciting thought, white frost covering the land. Once it comes down to it though, most would rather be inside, curled up with a hot chocolate, than trudge through the slush while trying to defend against the bitter cold. I, for one, just think it is beautiful. Particularly when untouched. A white blanket, excuse the cliché, across fields and gardens. Trees and hedges. It is universal. All over the world snow falls. It has even fallen in deserts (really, google it).

In celebration of the winter months, my little brother composed a piece of music for his school concert. Entitled ‘A Winston Wonderland’ (play on his school’s name), it is a piece primarily for the cello, but also utilises other instruments as well. I really enjoy the tune. So, in light of the coming celebrations, though I would put it here as a present to all of you. The photos added were taken by various members of my family, all over the world. Imaginary gingerbread men if you recognise the places!




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