Summer Projects: Revisited

Today marks the last Friday of my summer holiday. I return to university on Sunday, with bags upon bags in tow. At the beginning of the holidays I wrote a post about the projects I had planned over the summer, so I thought why not go back and see how I did.

1 – Finish ‘The Unnaturals’

This was kind of completed. I wrote the first draft, typing ‘the end’ towards the end of August, before putting it away for a few weeks prior to editing. The editing process has begun, and hopefully the novel will be fully finished before Nanowrimo in November.

2 – Finish a sketchbook.

Unfortunately, the sketchbook I had planned to finished still has a quarter of the pages left empty. This was partly because I ended up either using a smaller one when I went away or separate paper designed for watercolours or acrylics. There was also a matter of time, but as far as I’m concerned that is not really an excuse. I did manage to get some art done, just not as much as I would have liked or had planned.

3 – Learn to use a sew/use a sewing machine

I can say that I accomplished this. While in the post mentioned above, I talked about making a piece of clothing by the end of the summer holidays, I instead made a cushion cover. Clothing proved to be a bit more complicated than I had planned because of patterns and outlines and space. The cushion ended up proving a challenge enough, with all the different stitching involved. Fortunately the book I was using was some help. In the future, maybe an outfit will be created. Who can say?

4 – The Goodreads Challenge

As this challenge extends to the end of the year, I cannot claim it to be officially done, but I have managed to go from nothing at the beginning of the summer (when I first signed up for it), to being 6%/two book ahead of schedule for it. I have read 16 of the 20 books I have to read in half a year, which means I only have to read four books by the end of December in order to complete the challenge. Of course I hope to read more than that, but it makes for an easy goal.

5 – ‘…the other things’

Along with the main projects, I also gave myself a few other things to do over the summer, the first being learning to drive. While I was unable to book an actual test, because no dates became available, I do feel comfortable behind the wheel of a car now, and safe on the road. The other thing was yoga. This was because I know I am not into exercise, and I thought yoga might help keep me a bit more active. It worked. I also ended up running towards the end of the summer in an effort to increase fitness levels, and with the two things combined I felt a definite improvement. The only challenge now would be carrying on with it all.

Those were my summer projects, revisited. Next stop – university, year two.



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