Review: Writing Magazine

I do not often read magazines. I used to when I was younger, but now they are more of a rare treat. A week or so ago, I picked up ‘Writing Magazine’ from the shelf. It is not a magazine that I am a stranger to, as I have read past issues, but is one I have missed for a while.

Jam-packed with articles that cover a whole range of topics, from the very beginning of the idea to the publication, ‘Writing Magazine’ is for writers of all shapes and sizes. Poetry, short stories, and novels are all discussed along with features and interviews with published authors. That is not all though, as there are also exercises and competitions to stretch the creative mind and work those writing muscles. With it came ‘Writers’ News’, a section that is a magazine in itself, as well as a booklet filled with up and coming competitions. The latter is only available on occasion though, in the competition special.

I enjoyed browsing through the pages, picking out articles to read that suited my need at the time, or what I just happened to be interested in. It is great to dip in and out of when you feel like it while also being readily available if you just want to delve into something. While being more interested in the novel-side of things myself, the articles that related to other areas of the writing world also grabbed my attention. ‘Writing Magazine’ is interesting, informative and, most importantly, entertaining. There is something in it for everyone.

Rating: 4/5


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